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Turnings. A wood adventure

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Home made deep hollow system and bar

A Work In Progress part 2

A Work In Progress

If I could remember

As I stand beside myself
I look upon where I sit
And wonder 
Question my name
Have I not remembered
Who I am whom I was
As I don’t remember the name
The person I see,
I can’t recall
Space and time, don’t seem to fit
Lost in the remembrance I seek
Found in the 3rd dimension
I see clearly

Wall art, Spirit Base

Wall art, Spirit Base
Spirit Base, redwood burl sanctuary wall art, your mind and soul likes,Spirit Base, redwood burl sanctuary wall art, your mind and soul likes, find peace and security each every time. A special place in home where you and others can find peace love and balance, strength. Lets not forget protection, a symbolic wall hanging to center your gifts and reinforce the creation on your most desired goals for life, spirit and growth. This is my interpretation of my work for those who might find the beauty in and around our daily lives. In the beginning

Starting to take form

Starting to add copper
The outer ring has symbols that represent Faith, Love and strength. The int rings represent the open circle of life, the begin and the questionable end. Fond in then teaching of Zen. I added four rings, that represent symbolic Hopi native american maze to enlightenment,. Once your spirit finds new ways to the center of the maze, to be given gifts, love, hope, inspiration, abundance, …

Wood turning class at DuMaurier woodworking, mentored by Gerard Maurier Merchant.

Wood turning class at DuMaurier woodworking, mentored by Gerard Maurier Merchant. I really look forward to having more classes. Come join me, ask me to help with any form of turning, and if I am not aware of the topic, I'll find one whom can fill in the gap.

Short videos

Some viewing of sharpening

From the young to those in my age category, lets learn new things together. Leave me a post, or email me @ taking request for topics, and classes.

The making of a cribbage board

The making of  a cribbage board, our first one, we ever made. I thought I would share the adventure.
       In this story, it begins with the wood used for the board itself. I fellow can into our woodturners meeting, and then he came b y my shop with a couple pieces Arizona salvage mesquite boards. Here is a little insight in how I went about creating a jig, ( in-which may need a little more tweaking). Click here to visit the page I went to for the pattern and layout, along the plans for a simple jig.
this is sample board made by hand. Supplied by the fellow supplying the wood. These orignal boards are being used as a refferance.
Here I am drilling the spacers.  I use pre-finished plywood. I found it to be under sized. I suggest  that check too insure a full 1/4" thickness.

It a little funny. That the rod used here, i never measured the diameter, I grabbed a drill bit. That turned out to be perfect. After all was drilled, I checked to see the size. To my surprise, the inscription …